Second Annual Mexican Philosophers' Conference

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Agustin Rayo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Agustin joined the faculty at MIT Philosophy in 2005, after spending four years as an Arche Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews and a year as an assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego. He received his PhD from MIT in 2001.

Agustin works in the intersection of philosophy of logic and philosophy of language. He is especially interested in connections between possibility and content, and in the phenomenon of vagueness, but he's also done work on higher-order resources, unrestricted quantification, truth and the philosophy of mathematics.


"Los límites de la probabilidad 1 y 2"


En este texto considero un par de paradojas probabilísticas y sugiero una manera de atacarlas. (Ésta es la penúltima versión del texto que aparecerá en *Investigación y Ciencia* en Abril del 2009.)