Following Through Authors: Steve Levinson, and Pete C. Greider


      Spotlighting: ways to keep your intention before you, not out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Set up a system to remind you to do these things (an elastic band around the wrist, although basic, works wonders!).

      Willpower Leveraging: taking certain action now that makes it very difficult to reverse later. E.g. ask a colleague to check in on you at the end of the day to ensure you have done a particular task.

      Creating Compelling Reasons: such as making it matter now, eliminating wiggle room, and making sure it fits you. Sometimes the "right" reason to do something isn't the most motivating reason. So, while the right reason to keep your promise and hand that report in on time is that you said you would, a more compelling reason might be that when you meet a deadline you buy something nice for yourself! Design a strategy that will motivate you, even if you end up doing the "right" thing for the "wrong" reason.

      Leading the Horse to Water: getting started with the easy part of an intention to build momentum for the hard part.

      Right Before Wrong: E.g. If you really want ice cream but you know you should have carrot sticks have the carrot sticks first. If you still want the ice cream afterwards that's fine. However you might find you don't want it after all. Adapt this analogy to your working life!

      Strike While the Iron Is Hot: following through on a fleeting intention before the inspiration fades. When you have the thought, take the action.


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