Daniel Drucker

Epistemología, Filosofía del Lenguaje
  • Estancia Posdoctoral
  • druckd@gmail.com
  • http://www.danieldrucker.org
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I work in epistemology, the philosophy of language, and ethics. I particularly look for cases where normative issues and issues in descriptive philosophy, e.g., observed linguistic behavior, interact in unexpected and mutually revealing ways. My work has focused on attitude evaluation of the kind we most often see in epistemology, applied to the many attitudes we have besides belief. It turns out that the other attitudes behave differently structurally in surprising ways, so that a good theory of, say, the evaluation of admiration, hatred, or preference will look very different from a good theory in epistemology. I often find myself drawing inspiration from ancient sources, particularly Plato and Aristotle, who I think appreciated the importance of these differences. I'm also thinking a lot about neutrality norms in political reporting, and whether they can be justified, which I suspect they cannot be.

Web: http://www.danieldrucker.org

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"Policy Externalism", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming

"Neo-Stoicism and What It Can Do", Ergo, 2016
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  Ago 17 de 2019
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