Oliver R. Marshall

Filosofía de la lógica, Filosofía del Lenguaje, Filosofía de las Matemáticas
  • Estancia Posdoctoral
  • Octubre 2020 - Septiembre 2022
  • Ph.D The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • o.marshall@filosoficas.unam.mx
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My goal is to describe a philosophy of language suitable for mathematical language, in order to better understand how we acquire mathematical knowledge. My work in this area is informed by the analytic tradition of Frege, Russell, Church and Kripke. In addition to studying objective conceptual contents, I also study how their antecedents entered our species and our culture. Recently, prior to joining the institute, I have been writing an entry on the great Alonzo Church for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

You can find out more at https://olivermarshall.commons.gc.cuny.edu.


  • 2018. The Psychology and Philosophy of Natural Numbers. Philosophia Mathematica 26(1): 40-58 
  • 2017. Giaquinto on Acquaintance with Numbers. The Journal of Philosophy 114(1): 43-55
  • 2016. Counting and Identity: A Replay to Liebesman. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 95(2): 385-390



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