Seminario de Investigadores
Sala de Seminarios Fernando Salmerón
Miércoles de 12:00 a 14:00 horas
Febrero de 2015

Miércoles 4
Cristian Timmermann (IIFs-UNAM)

"Global contributive justice: An exploration on how to defend a wider provision of meaningful work"

Abstract: Extreme inequality of opportunity leads to a number of social tensions, inefficiencies and injustices. A raising issue of concern is the effect inequality is having on people’s fair chances in attaining meaningful work, thus limiting opportunities to make a distinguishable positive contribution to society and reducing the chances to live a flourishing life and develop capabilities. Globalization has led to an increasingly uneven distribution of meaningful work in a globalized knowledge economy, the aspects thereof seldom theorized. Aim of the paper is to explore a normative framework to justify a fairer distribution and provision of meaningful work across national boundaries.

Keywords: labour conditions; capabilities; de-skilling; human flourishing; global justice; knowledge economy; poverty. 




Miércoles 11
Michael Bratman (Universidad de Stanford)

"Synchronic Plan Rationality"

1. Rational dynamics of planning agency: consistency of plan; means-end coherence of plan; stability of plan over time
How connected to normative reasons? Why see these as norms of practical rationality? In reply to myth theorists like Raz and Kolodny, we need a dual-tracked defense of the normative significance of these norms.

2. Two-tier pragmatic theory, fecundity of planning agency, and Smart on rule worship

3. The self-governance strategy ....




Miércoles 18
Lawrence Solum (Universidad de Georgetown)

"Virtue as the End of Law"


“Laws for the encouragement of virtue, and prevention of vice and immorality, shall be made and constantly kept in force, and provision shall be made for their due execution.”




Miércoles 25
Raymundo Morado (IIFs-UNAM)

"Inferencia, Información, Irrelevancia"




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