Conferencia - Catherine Z. Elgin


PAEP Posgrado en Filosofía
PAEP Posgrado en Filosofía de la Ciencia
Seminario Racionalidad, Razonamiento y Cognición


Lunes 3 de Abril, 12:00 hrs., Sala Fernando Salmerón, IIF

 Catherine Z. Elgin (Harvard University)

“Chekhov's Gun”

Models exemplify some of their own features and impute those features to their targets.  Sometimes this requires no more than highlighting aspects of the target whose importance had not previously been appreciated.  In such cases a model makes those aspects and their significance salient.  In other cases, however, the model also reconfigures the domain, drawing new boundaries to mark out significant kinds, thereby enabling us to recognize significant similarities and differences that cut across traditional divides.  As Chang's discussion of temperature shows, this can amount to reconstituting the phenomena a model bears on.




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