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Fine Arts Esteem and the Buck Passing  Theory of Value, Daniel Wilson  The University of Auckland
In his recent book, "Beyond Art", Dominic McIver Lopes argues that there is no artistic value that is common to all the (fine) arts. In this paper, I argue - contra Lopes - that art esteem is a value that is inextricably linked to art practices. The structure of this paper is as follows. I begin by showing that Lopes' arguments for the claim that there is no characteristically artistic value fail to secure that conclusion. I then present my positive argument in three stages. First, I argue that Lopes implicitly acknowledges a kind of additional art value when cautioning against considering everyday appreciative practices as 'extraordinary' in the same way that the arts might be. Second, I offer evidence in support of the claim that the distinct character of the arts involves the attribution of art esteem. Lastly, I defend the position that any claim to the devaluation of non-Western practices due to art appropriation still involves the attribution of art esteem. I close with comments on the nature of art esteem and its role in the evaluative conception of art.


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